John van Veen (manslaughter) wrote,
John van Veen

ok last 2 days

friday: went to mall, hung out w/ kelly, MB, kendra, cappy, liz, um BJ and Kristy were there, alicia, um sami (dident talk to) anyway then went to living room saw, Donnybrook, Pray for Nothing, Lamotta ya step tiffany damien were there

tonite- went to vingie building anyway ended up at the living room tormented opend anyway saw:mark, time, damien and guy of course kristy, sheri, christian, alica, dave levit, exiter ashley, birdie, molly, katarina, met dahlia and map. um ohh so many random people i knew. Afraid to Face was REALY good esp for there 1st show cheak these guys out. Side Project...getting better still need to work on things liek seting up quicly shorter sets etc. Guy did a good job on bass. um ya dident see exnihilo cuz i had to take damien to the vingie building to unload then back to living room caught last band clock? clap? anyway they were godsmackish sounding anyway ran around dropign people off got home and its 3 im outta here later
Love john
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