John van Veen (manslaughter) wrote,
John van Veen


well i went to get damien off mineral spring ave. he tryd shaving my head but we only got 1/2 done cuz the stupid clipers broke. anyway we went to the space, daliah and map were already there time and guy showd up and we packd up all the shit and sence no one knew were jarrods was i lead everyone there its in fucking attleboro NOT north attleboro fuckers anyway i got there no problem we went in brought all the shit down (i fucking hate clubs w/ stairs) set everything up sence they went on 1st so they went on ok set not that many people there, then sever went on good set, then pray for nothing went on good set, then Overfiend went on Good set, um we packd up the shit and left right as ill natured was done they were eh ok. um jay from atf was there, steph showd up thats about it then we went back to the practice space mark and his g/f were there um chilld there atf was partying. then me damien, daliah and map went to bickfords um ya then we left and i went home yeh im tired im going to opeth tonite w/ tim and mabye erin then stoping by rocky to see kelly mabye anyway lata
John van veen
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