John van Veen (manslaughter) wrote,
John van Veen


ya so i got dressd ate threw up then got dressd again and left i pickd up erin and tim and we headed up 146 to worcester after stoping on 146 north to shut my hood. we made it to worcester and parkd and got in line (fucking 830 and there was a line doors were at 8) we saw christine. so ya this is how the palladium works u wait in line then they have 2 people patting you down then you go to the window give them money they open the cash register and give u the tix then you give yur tix to the guy standing 2 feet away he rips it and u go in. now lets just say this is realy a pain in the ass esp when its 2 out and your freezing would it kill them to just have the lady standing at the door w/ the tix take the money give the tix and let u in? like lupos anyway um when we got in there sum band w/ a chick lead singer was on they were eh ok. then me and erin chilld on the floor the 2nd band came on they werent as heavy as i thought theyd be then opeth came on at liek 11:07 and playd till 1237. um i saw ed sherman thats about it a couple cute chicks um a lot of ugly ones lol so we left.
drove back down 146 almost hit a deer wooo almost ran outta gas but i made it to mineral spring ave and got gas then i dropd erin off (kasy calld and i said hi) um then tim off and i went to castle to see rocky so i got there a lil after 2 saw josh and kelly (who playd frank) and jenna then rocky ended and i saw neil, pat, daliah, map, etc etc well i was gonna go to breakfast but no one told me it was at bicfords and not dennys so i wnet home and shit (not very happy and hungry) and talkd to daliah online then i calld her and talkd till liek 730 then went to bed.
thats about it
John van veen
This friday, Lupos: c60, carrion, ripwicket, rubikon, and mabye donnybrook its a benifit show for them tho
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