John van Veen (manslaughter) wrote,
John van Veen


friday- went to emrald square mall i saw: liz, tim, alica, sami (dident reconize me), kendra, kelly (mmm she lookd hot) um i herd keith and joey were there. um BJ, Kristy, mojo were there, devin was there. ya not bad nothing intresting happend realy. so then i wnet to lupos to see Ripwicket, Rubikon, C60, Carrion, and Donnybrook. well mike feeny, linds, damien and diana, christine, steph (her sis), kick me steph, um mark and his g/f showd up um that chick kat i talk to online was there. nate was there. thats about it not a big crowd i snapd a bunch of pics show was ok ripwicket had a big crowd ribikon and c60 were rrealy good carrion was ok and Donnybrook well nick from lamotta was druming and he dressd up like jeremy but they kickd matt the keybordist out so its not the same donnybrook. ya they rocked pretty well eps that last song. they coulda used a lot bigger crowd:( anywho i took steph home

sat: went to maps house um then daliah, and a bunch of her freinds showd up a cute red head named sara um a chick amanda whos sis has a pic of me and her skating at roller magic or sutming um sum kid dan and ray. anyway went to rocky saw kiki, jenna, kelly (mmm fuzzy hair) um marie, jamie, tina, josh, were there etc it was ok daliah sat on my lap:-p hehe so we left and went home

dident do anythign today:-p
lata John van veen
ps: alla! were are you!
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