John van Veen (manslaughter) wrote,
John van Veen


um last friday was Sideproject, Overfiend and Parker ave at the Station in ww
it was a good show the station is a nice place um ya, bunch of drunk people like: guy, pat, jeff anyway me and damian unloaded the shit partyd w/ atf anyway that was about it

um nothing new need job still need to sell add space for decibal (anyone wana buy sum msg me) ya
heres what my winamp playlist is looking like: Nin, Tori Amos, Evanescence, Tatu, Msi, Shadows Fall, Ateyu, Lighting bolt, Radiohead

so friday- going to mall
sat- uri
sun- side project and overfiend at ralphs in worcester

sunday the 28th Overfiend, Sideproject, Atf living room all must go

lata John van veen
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