John van Veen (manslaughter) wrote,
John van Veen


so lets see thur i um dropd off kellys cd went to band practice then came home. saw sheri at work.
friday: valintines day haha w/e um ate dinner here went to emrlad square mall saw kendra, um basicly hung out w/ mb the whole nite um i saw sum chick i talk to online but didnet say anything then i came home.
today pickd up damian in riverside, diana came to then we went to marissa p's house um rory, and marissa T were there um ya we all went to uri waited around forever set everything up (i went to dp dough) ya no one was there christian playd ya so wel all left i dropd diana off in ep me and damian stopd on thayer then went to the band space atf was partying um daliah and sarah were there um that cute chick joe was there going at it w/ sum chick haha anyway mark was there too. um so i had to drop damian off in incestvill smithfield then i came home (i did stop by bickfords to see if kelly was there but i dident see her) ya im bored
who calld the cell around 1230? 231=1066
anyway tomarrow sideproject/overfiend at ralphs diner in worcester mass EVERYONE GO lol
ya rite
lata John
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