John van Veen (manslaughter) wrote,
John van Veen


well im sick and tired of watching war on tv so i took off to thayer st. it was lightly raining no big deal, saw ben, ravioli, ryan, raverwill, um bends punk friends and i went and playd frisbee and rugby at brown for a lil then went back to thayer ran into diana, chet, and margrett i proceded to follow margret around for a while then she left around 11 and so did i i got pizza and came home.
it was more fun then watching tv haha
i got margrets sn finaly haha
anyone know if maggie has one?
er im sick and my jaw hurts and i keep sniffling and sneezing grr.
tomarrow nite: Wesley Willis at the Living Room, and mabye donnie darko w/ margret
luv john
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