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so far

friday: um...... child on thayer? basicly hung out w/ diana, danny, other people saw neil and kiki, pickd up chet um thats about it. bad mood came home and came online

sat: did nothing all day basicly home alone bored so im about to leave i pull out and morgans getting dropd off infront of my house i guess shes friends w/ elissa anyway i gotta call her tomarrow at 1 ya so
then i went to thayer: Josh, tina, barron, danny, megan, diana, mark, kelley, harry, prw, etc were there i basicly hung out w/ margret and ravioli all nite um blink grl, some ep people? so it was raining all nite witch basicly describes my mood ya so i left there at 10ish and went over to kellys and no one was home: :( so i drove around from like 10-1120 basicly then went to castle jenna, kelly (she playd frank tonite) linda, josh, tina, and like everyone else was there, um ya nothing realy intresting my mood was up and down all nite map was there 2 um ya so ::burp:: i just wanted a hug from kelly thats it and i basicly dident wana let go when i gave her a hug by ::shrugs:: um ya now im here

so i gotta job i start monday at 9 "wild tree and herbs" and yes its legal herbs losers haha anyway im gonna go fuck around online lata
Love John van veen
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