John van Veen (manslaughter) wrote,
John van Veen


well wed side project had a show i took kelly, map, jay, and a few other people were there sum noise band "the lazers" were on b4 sp ya was suckie

Friday:went to see house of 1000 corpses w/ tim and damian, map, ron, atf, dave lefit, susan, bunch of metal kids there movies was cool

sat hung out on thayer alllll day from 4-9 bascily talkd to maggie till cat came and stole her away from me. ended up at nicks house w/ diana, emanuel, amanda, and some other kids.

sun: pickd up moolissa hung out on thayer mark, justin, lever, diana, danny the usal people were there so i ended up droping off, justin and moolisa then was gonna drop kellys cd off but fuck that now im here and eh bored and ehhh the usal
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